Experiential Marketing


Your customers choose you because they connect personally to the values inherent in your product & brand. Our brand engagement projects leverage this fact to build customer loyalty while generating excitement around your company & product. 

Our Experiential Marketing Projects are ideal for:

  • Product launches,
  • Guerrilla & experiential marketing campaigns,
  • Public events (e.g. music festivals, art exhibitions), &
  • Private events (e.g. charity fundraisers, conferences).

Our team can build portable & impermanent structures for 'pop-up' art-making experiences, or find a public location that fits your needs. Expert facilitators will be on-site moderating foot-traffic during the project & ensuring high-quality artwork.

Final artwork can be used for purposes such as: auctions, re-sale, photo-opportunities, advertisements, giveaways, prints, etc. 

Indoor & outdoor options available. Group sizes range from 25 - 500+ people.